Poppy Jasper International Film Festival

Director – L. Mattock Scariot
Events and VIP Chair – Maria Cid
Operations Manager – Katie Khera
Marketing Chair – Robbie Zylstra
Technical Director – Matthew Hendrickson
Jury Chair – Marilyn Pifer
Opening Gala and Awards Ceremony Chair – Poonam Chabra
Inclusion and Women’s Panel Chair – Kulvinder Arora
China Day – Shanshan Whittall
Mexico Day – Edward Lujan and Azucena Suzy Ochoa
Box Office Chair – Lori Foster
Grants and Outreach Chair – Laura Murry
Gavilan College Liaison – Dr. Edward Cervantes
Founder – William Leaman
Assistant to Director – Ashley Hadji

Poppy Jasper, Inc. Board of Directors
Vice President – Katie Khera
Treasurer – Marilyn Pifer
Secretary – Lori Foster
Board Director – William Leaman
Board Director – Maria Cid
Board Director – Kulvinder Arora
Board Director – Poonam Chabra
Board Director – Edward Lujan
Board Director – Azucena Suzy Ochoa
Board Director – Shanshan Whittall
Non-Voting Member – L. Mattock Scariot
Non-Voting Member – Robbie Zylstra