POPPY JASPER INTERNATIONAL  FILM  FESTIVAL | #PJIFF2020 | April 1-8 | Morgan Hill & Gilroy, CA POPPY JASPER INTERNATIONAL  FILM  FESTIVAL | #PJIFF2010 | April 1-8 | Morgan Hill & Gilroy, CA

Community engagement is a core value of the Poppy Jasper International Film Festival. Our goal is to provide a meaningful and rewarding experience of films, especially for film enthusiasts who want to try their hand at filmmaking. During the run-up to the festival, we offered four programs, geared to youth aged 4-14, millennials, mid-lifers, and older adults. Through these guided workshops, participants came together and collaborated on short films, from start to finish. Their films are being shown at this year’s festival and they’ll be recognized for their work.


Local youth learned to make short films, from start to finish, using tablets and smartphones and the iMovie app. PJIFF and CMAP guided the free workshops, hosted at the Morgan Hill and Gilroy libraries and supported by the YMCA of Silicon Valley.

Millennials Music Video

PJIFF gathered local filmmakers to create a reggae-themed music video with DJ Jordan T from Hawaii. Locals from the millennial generation had an opportunity to participate as audience extras and see firsthand how music videos are produced.

Filmmaking for 40 & Up

We created two workshops, for adults aged 40-plus and for adults aged 70-plus. Each of these two groups of dreamers had an opportunity to collaborate creatively on a short film, stepping through the filmmaking process from scriptwriting, directing and acting to production. Workshops were led by PJIFF and CMAP and hosted at the Morgan Hill Historical Society, the Morgan Hill Community & Cultural Center, and the Gilroy Senior Center.

Veteran's Documentary - Focusing on Vietnam

The Veterans Documentary Program was created so our Veterans can have an opportunity to tell their story.  This year we have interviewed four men who tell their stories about fighting in the Vietnam War. The Documentary will screen on Saturday April 4th, 12pm at the District Theater in Gilroy.


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April 1 - 8, 2020
Morgan Hill | Gilroy