PJIFF Programming Schedule

POPPY JASPER INTERNATIONAL  FILM  FESTIVAL | #PJIFF2020 | April 1-8 | Morgan Hill & Gilroy, CA POPPY JASPER INTERNATIONAL  FILM  FESTIVAL | #PJIFF2010 | April 1-8 | Morgan Hill & Gilroy, CA

Wednesday April 3rd - Youth Film Festival


3:30 – 5:30 pm

Mr Orange and Baby Snot — Kana Hutchens

Herping Northern California — Kai Tran

Biohazard Trashcan — Ewelina Samples


5:30 – 7:30 pm

Neon 110 — Jordan Brand — Australia

Nico Teen — Ethan Lee — Los Angeles CA

Captain Video — Ethan Elkins — Jacksonville CA

Culture — Srichi Patel, Morgan Hill CA

Not Waiting On the World To Change — Srichi Patel — Morgan Hill

Everything I Am — Madeleine Murden — Los Angeles

Squeeze — Eloise Garlick — England

Concordia — Annelise Ratner — Malaysia

I Am Social — Selina Nenning — Austria

Boomerang — Achyut Khanal — Napal


7:30 – 9:30 pm

Never — Cem Ertunc — Turkey

The Dance of Amal — AlRabih Rami — Lebanon

War Games — Hleb Papou — Italy

My Open-Heart Surgery — Josh Ohea — San Carlos

Sombra — Phoenix Rain — Australia

Footprints In The Snow — Lucia Toledo — Mexico

Barter Trade — Dieudonee Shyrakera — Burkina Faso

Faded Faith — Isaiah Manuel Walk — Irvine

Thursday April 4th - Juried & Invited Films

Block One, 12 – 2 pm

Women in Cinema (block of films)

  • Real Artist — Sci-Fi / Fantasy — Local talent and crew
  • No. 16 — Animation
  • River Bride — Drama with hints of comedic moments
  • Maggie — Drama
  • Girl Knight — LGBT young coming of age love story
  • Frankie Keeps Talking — Comedy
  • Milkmaid — Horror — David Lynch film program and got his highest recommendation that year


Block Two, 2 – 4 pm

Men In Red Woolen Shirts — Grady Fiorio

Mothers Milk — Mike Sloat

Slow Death — Trevor Rock

The Creative Flare — Andrew Burgess Flora — Chaerin Im

PTSD – An American Tragedy – Carlos Lopez Jr. – Morgan Hill
This story portrays a real story of a veteran returning from Afghanistan suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PJIFF 40 & Up Program

PJIFF 70 & Up Program


Block Three, 4 – 6 pm

Libertad — Brenda Avila Hanna — Santa Cruz

Lonche — Claire Weissbluth — California

Xilonen: The Ceremony of Tender Corn — Consuelo Alba — Watsonville

Growing People — Dana Forsberg — Hawaii

Vida Diferida (Life, Deferred) — Brenda Avila-Hanna — California


Block Four, 6 – 8 pm

Take On Me — Bobby Kwong

All of This — Darryl Jones

Someone’s Home — Ram Azur and Jeff Azevedo

Skid Row Love — Benji Carver

Dr. Sugar (some nudity) — Paul Saleba
A wealthy surgeon with a rare sexual disorder pays for sex, then, for his penance, helps women realize their dreams, hoping to be their – proverbial – last cigarette. A phenomenally talented cast with Emmy winner John Shea (Lois and Clark), Emmy winner Loretta Swit (M.A.S.H.), Emmy-nominee George Wendt (Cheers), MTV Awards nominee Pauly Shore (Encino Man), Ahlam Khamis (Hacker’s Game).


Block Five, 8 – 10 pm

I Am Maris — Laura Van Zee Taylor

Panel Discussion with RoCo Films

Friday April 5th - Juried & Invited Films

Block One, 11 am – 1 pm

Robbery of the Heart — Documentary —
Micah Brandt — California
Upon returning to his birthplace in Wetter, Germany, and attempt- ing to reconcile with the past, Harry soon discovers that the old problems responsible for his exile have not been resolved.

Sorry for Your Loss — Comedy — Lauren Blair — California
A short comedy about a woman awkwardly navigating her sister’s funeral.

Dreamwisher — Drama — Eric Handler — California
Mourning the death of her father, a lonely eight-year-old girl is befriended by two mysterious girls who offer her a way to reunite with him.


Block Two, 1 – 3 pm

Anvat — Abhishek Laknar — India
A judgmental teacher becomes a maternal figure for an unpleasant student.

My Father Couldn’t Save the Kite — Khaled Medhat Moeit — Egypt
A son starts describing his aggressive feelings towards his father. Meanwhile, his father suspects that he has heart disease and is hesitant to tell the family about his illness.

O Rapaz e a Coruja (The Boy and the Owl) — Animation — Màrio Gajo de Caravalho — Portugal
A young boy lives his life in a magical way, surrounded by the pic- turesque atmosphere of his village. The village is presented in this story as a whole, living organism in which all elements are impor- tant and necessary for the village and those who live there.

Gloria — Comedy — Joelle Arseneau — Canada
Four friends swear a solemn oath.

Vinny’s Girl — Comedy — Harrison Houde — Canada
Vinny has his dream girl, and now must remove himself from reality.

Bystander — Animation — Mohsen Bagheri Dastgerdi — Iran
This film focuses on human-like people who don’t accept diversity
and seek annihilation of what they don’t accept. Their totalitarianism is their way of happiness and a continuation of their rotten thinking.

Future Self — Sci Fi — Sean Lewis — California
Jeffrey has a crush on Teegan. Teegan doesn’t know who Jeffrey is. Luckily, VHS tapes keep showing up in the local mini-libraries around town to tell Jeffrey how to change that fact, for better or worse.


Block Three, 3 – 5 pm

Panel: Women in Film
Morgan Hill Community Playhouse
17090 Monterey Road
Morgan Hill, CA


Block Four, 5 – 7 pm

Forouzan — Drama — Mirabbas Khosravine Zhad — Iran
A woman living in a village with her two small children discovers that thieves want to rob her cattle.

Fight — Action — David Lim — Taiwan
A boy encounters two strong men in a bully fight, but little do they know that they all share the same destiny.

Her Birthday Night — Animation — Farshad Mohiti — Iran
About a relationship between two characters in the first character’s imaginary world!!!

Comeback — Documentary — Reza Sayah — Iran
Iran was the birthplace of polo but soon after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the sport all but disappeared in Iran. Comeback docu- ments the history of polo in Iran, it’s near demise, and Iran’s even- tual return to the international polo scene.

Are You Vollyball? — Drama — Mohammad Bakhashi — Iran
A group of Arabian-speaking asylum seekers arrive at the border of an English-speaking country and blocked from crossing. They fight with border soldiers every day until a deaf-mute baby becomes the catalyst for better communication between two groups.


Block Five, 7 – 9 pm

Terrolun and Lunlun — Drama — Hiroyuki Miyagawa — Japan
After a tragic accident, Terrolun becomes a shut-in, living in his parent’s garage, where he fixes mechanical items. When Lunlun, a hearing-impaired high school student brings him something to repair, they strike up a friendship.

Meer bei Nacht (Sea at Night) — Drama — Kim Fabienne Hertinger — Germany
The formerly celebrated theater actor Franz Rakowsko hopes the premiere of his new play will take him back to the big stage. But the evening of the first performance doesn`t proceed as planned. His anticipation of imminent glory is followed by a sudden awakening.

Libertè oú es-tu Cachèe? (Freedom) — Animation — Stephanie ONG — France
Although Mr. Seguin forbade her to, Blanquette runs away from her barn in order to discover the mountain. As night falls, she decides to stay there despite warnings, and to confront the wolf…


Block Six, 9 – 11 pm

Whoever Was Using this Bed — Drama — Andrew Katatko — Australia
A married couple is awakened in the dead of night by a mysterious phone call. Unable to sleep, they are drawn into an unsettling examination of their fears and desires.

Slaughter — Drama — Saman Hosseinpuor — Iran
Ghasem is forced to sell the family’s cow and spend a hard winter in their village, but his son flees with the cow.

Little Family Troubles — Comedy — Dimitris Georgiev — Bulgaria
The story follows the simple life of a young, married couple and the indecent proposal they get from an old man. A tempting wish threatens to ruin their marriage.

Accused of Witchcraft — Ewa Marcinowska — Poland
In February of 2016, the world was gripped by the photo of a starved-to-death boy, accused of witchcraft and banished by his family and community.

Saturday April 6th - Juried & Invited Films

Block One, 11 am – 1 pm

GSLV Mark 3 — Drama — Dinesh Kumar — India
GSLV Mark3 is told from the point of view of a girl and also the ISRO team that wants to launch their GSLV Mark 3 satellite into outer space. There is a beautiful connection between the girl and the rocket that is about to launch.

Night Light — Animation — Yamiset Trujillo
On his way from nest to sea, a newborn sea turtle must choose his guiding light wisely on the bright beaches of Miami.

Equipoise — Animation — Simo Liu — California
Equipoise is inspired by the Chinese philosophy of “Yin & Yang,” the two opposing principles in nature. This film shows the “Yin & Yang” between people, and between people and nature, exploring relationships of balance, collision and unity.

Kainaattu (Uneducated) — Drama — Vignesh Vijithrun — India
Kainaattu (uneducated) shows the struggle of a rural father who is uneducated himself and wants his child to join school at the age of five.

Count — Drama — Samuel Gordon — California
When his protective sister falls ill during a practice race for the upcoming school field day and is rushed to the hospital, a young boy with OCD must survive his strained relationship with his control- ling older brother.

Bucketheads A star Wars Story — Sci Fi — Marco Bossow and Andy Brown — Canada
A squad of storm troopers are transporting a POW with valuable information from Yavin 4, but getting off the planet will test their mettle.

Matilda — Comedy — Hamid Taheri — Iran
After a fight, a man buys his wife a crystal orb in order to patch things up with her. Unfortunately, the orb brings in more problems than it solves.

The Pattern — Animation — Azad Jannati — Iran
This short film is inspired by the real events pertaining to the 1988 chemical attack of Halabja, Iraq. The film captures the last moments of a traditional rug being woven, as the rug weaver reflects on her feelings and what she has been through; although in reality not all the patterns in her mind have made it to the rug.


Block Two, 1 – 3 pm

Panel: Industry and Independent Filmmaking
Capos Nightclub & Restaurant
7588 Monterey Road
Gilroy, CA


Block Three, 3 – 5 pm

Stone on Stone — Drama — Mohsen Sorajian — Iran
An Iranian traditional family have decided to kill an innocent woman accused of adultery. Her husband`s friend is commissioned to commit the murder. He takes the woman out of the city to do what he was told. But, during their conversation…

Lunch Time — Drama — Alireza Ghasemi — Iran
A 16-year-old girl has come to the hospital to identify the body of her mother. Because of her young age, hospital staff won’t let her enter the morgue and ask her to bring her guardian instead. After the girl insists that most of her family is in jail for criminal activities, they agree to let her into the morgue…

Junkyard — Drama — Karima Guennouni — Morocco
Sarah works in a garage at the local junkyard to save up enough money to continue her studies. She spends her spare time fixing an old Renault 4 so that she can take her autistic brother, Adam, to the beach for the first time. After her stepfather steals her pay, she plots her revenge to get her money back and finally fulfill her brother’s dream.

Keep The Gaslight Burning — Drama — Lou and Dave Elsey — California
Mrs. Maxwell has a problem. She killed her abusive husband, but he won’t stay dead. Now he comes to her bedroom door every night, but cannot enter as long as she keeps the gaslight burn- ing. She is trapped and her bedroom has become a prison, until the new lady’s companion, Maya, proves she is brave enough to help…for a price.

Tola — Drama — Nadine Ibrahim — Nigeria
Tolu tells the story of a young girl living with her family in a fishing community on the water in Lagos, Nigeria. To prove herself valuable to the community and break the gender stereotype she journeys alone to the sea to catch as many fish as possible. On her journey a wise old man shows her a side of reality she has never seen before.

Division Avenue — Drama — Tamar Glezerman — New York
The fight for justice for a Latina cleaning lady in Hasidic Brooklyn.

Mr. Orange and Baby Snot — Kana Hitchen —Chicago
Lonely Mr. Orange finds happiness comes from weird place.


Block Four, 5 – 7 pm

Harvest Season — Documentary — Bernardo Ruiz — California
Harvest Season delves into the lives of people who work behind the scenes of the premium California wine industry, during one of the most dramatic grape harvests in recent memory.


Block Five, 7 – 9 pm

Starvation — Animation — Zara Rostampour — Iran
This short animated film is about stereotypes that cause misconceptions. It shows us that world leaders’ greed and corruption will bring nothing but poverty and starvation to the lower class of society.

Violet is Blue: A Tale of Gibbons and Guardians — Documentary — Alex Azmi — California
This heartwarming, sometimes heart-wrenching story will draw you into a world the likes of which you’ve never seen. A fascinating society of Gibbons and their Guardians in a Conservation Center.

Harrowing events will test the facility’s resolve, yet the fun and joy of these singing apes, particularly Violet, will capture your soul.

Raheel — Drama — Ayat Asadi Rahbar — Iran
Raheel, an Afghan national, has illegally traveled into Iran to look for her husband, but she encounters problems that leave her no hope to move ahead.


Block Six, 9 – 11 pm

House of Stronzo — Documentary — Matthew White — New York
An eccentric Folk Art collector attempts to find permanent homes for 5,000 pieces displayed in his Virginia house, before he dies.

26:32 — Animation — Pender Nasser Sharif — Iran
Anyone can memorize the alphabets of a new language in a very short time, like 26 minutes and 32 seconds.

Picture Jasper — Documentary — H Nelson Tracey — Idaho
On the border of Oregon and Idaho, Steve Schultz, a lifelong man of the American West, mines for Picture Jasper, a rare form of rock that produces spectacular finished jewelry products.

Sunday April 7th - Juried & Invited Films

Block One, 11 am – 1 pm

The Drop Off — Drama — Britney Ngaw — Canada
Omar works in Limbo as a driver, where he takes people through their past lives in hopes to undo their wrongdoings. His work seems pretty straightforward until he meets his last client, Mara.

I Am Still Here — Documentary — Cynthia Matty Huber — Montana
For almost 91 years, John Hoiland has lived at ‘the Home Place,’ a modest house situated on over 1,000 acres of land in Montana. He’s watched the world change while clinging to the only way of life he’s ever known.

Trauma — Drama — Saeed Saberi — Iran
A woman wants to run away from the man who forced her to be a prostitute.

The Process — Drama — Michael Rakowski — Poland
Pawel gets a painful headache at a bus stop. Soon after, he is admitted to an ontological hospital. A sickness starts to impact his life and his psychological condition.


Noon – 2pm

Panel: “Distribution for Independent Filmmakers”
The Granada Theater
17440 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill, CA


Block Two, 1 – 3 pm

See You In Chechnya — Documentary — Alexander Kvatashidze — Georgia
For Alex, war in Chechnya seemed far away, only seen on TV. In fact it was just behind the Mountain. He’d never imagined going there, but then he did. Alex discovers the world of War Reporters and wants to become one of them. It will take him 15 years to change his mind.

Burning Smell of Stone — Drama — Zardosht Afshari — Iran
An old man with a little granddaughter opens a grocery store. For several days none of the women in the neighborhood buy from the old man’s shop, except for one.


Block Three, 3 – 5 pm

Meerim — Documentary — Aleksandra Rechckalovas — Russia
The story of Gulnara, “mother” of 142 children, who is being sued by union officials for child trafficking, sexual and labor exploitation.

Mer — Drama — Hesam Rahmani — Iran
An Afghan refugee and well-digger in Iran encounters freak happen- stances, while digging a water well, which change his life forever.

Introduction to Epilogue — Animation — Indra Sproge — Latvia
This film is a colorful, allegory about the fear of death. Life will always last a lifetime and it will always end in death. And the end will always be a new beginning.


Block Four, 5 – 7 pm

Anvat — Drama — Abhishek Loknar — India
Viraj is a lazy and irresponsible Fifth grade boy who does not get along with the other students in his school, but his new teacher Mrs. Desai sees a different side of Viraj.

The Replacement — Sci Fi — Sean Miller — Illinois
On election night, a janitor feels cheated out of a life he might have lived when his own clone becomes the President. He goes on a bender to seek justice, encountering new forms of prejudice, dismissal, and classism. In a society where the morality around cloning is dividing the masses, physically looking like the newly-elected President has its own dangers…

Den — Drama — Sydney Waltz — Ohio
As a woman’s marriage deteriorates, she becomes infatuated with beings from the forest.

Stone Maker — Drama — Ali Navaeian — Iran
A man needs to buy a kidney but doesn’t have enough money.

Oblivion — Drama — Fatemeh Mohammadi — Iran
Mehrbanoo’s husband suffers from Alzheimer’s. She tries everything to make his life worth living. Rental issues and the absence of the couple’s children and grandchildren take their toll in this sensitive portrayal.


Block Five, 7 – 9 pm

Her Birthday Night — Animation — Farshad Mohiti — Iran
Relationship between two characters in first character’s imaginary world!!!

Meer Bei Nacht (Sea At Night) — Drama — Kim Fabienne — Germany
The once-celebrated theater actor Franz Rakowsko hopes that the premiere of his new play will take him back to the big stage. But the evening of the first performance doesn`t proceed as planned. His anticipation of imminent glory is followed by a sudden awakening.

Stone on Stone — Drama — Mohsen Sarajian — Iran
An traditional Iranian family have decided to kill an innocent woman because of adultery. Her husband`s friend is commissioned to commit the murder. He took the woman out of the city to do what he was told. But, dur- ing their conversation…

Alibi — Drama — Nurbek Zhigalova — Russian Federation
Petr is not only a successful writer but also the owner of an agency called Alibi, which creates alibis for its clients who need to hid either lies and failures.

Uncovered – Suve Sandra Osunwa – Nigeria
A young internally displaced boy struggles to stay alive in an IDP camp but is pushed to the wall when things begin to happen against his own wish.

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