PJIFF Programming Schedule

POPPY JASPER INTERNATIONAL  FILM  FESTIVAL | #PJIFF2020 | April 1-8 | Morgan Hill & Gilroy, CA POPPY JASPER INTERNATIONAL  FILM  FESTIVAL | #PJIFF2010 | April 1-8 | Morgan Hill & Gilroy, CA

Wednesday April 1st - Youth & Student Films

Gavilan College
5055 Santa Teresa Blvd.
Social Science Bldg, Room 214

2 – 4 pm Youth and High School Films

Building Hope (Arizona) — Keith Dodgen — 00:10:47
Documentary: Apache students and their dedicated teacher-mentors overcome educational barriers, form robotics teams, and travel to the robotics World Championship.

The Seasons* (Maryland) — Alexandra Nickel — 0:01:47
Animation: Our favorite tree in the backyard changes across the seasons.

A Day in the Life of a Pig* (Maryland) — Hannah Collins — 00:01:29
Animation: This pig has a regular 9 to 5 job!

Zoe (Croatia) — Marta Kruni — 00:11:34
Drama: A boy in a small village finds a pair of glasses from outer space that help him do well at school. A girl named Zoe enters his life and they fall in love.

A Good Day (California) — Nichole and Sierra Anne Murphy — 00:05:28
Comedy: If Charlie Chaplin were a girl in 1922

Spaces (California) — Nichole and Sierra Anne Murphy — 00:05:53
Experimental: A girl’s journey through imagination in Morgan Hill and Uvas Canyon.

Claymation Films (California)Various — 00:30:00
Animation: Films made by PJIFF 4-14 Youth Education Program participants

Colors Run* (Texas) — Olivia Carter — 00:16:41
Drama: A broken old soul and a young imaginative girl meet in a laundromat. She drives him crazy. Gradually they develop a life-changing friendship.

Run* (California)Hannah Calhoun — 00:04:00
Drama: A high school student is assaulted at a party and struggles to deal with the aftermath.

It’s Not What It Looks Like* (Russia)Marina Malysh — 00:15:00
Drama: A boy is trapped between real and imaginary worlds. But where does one end and the other one start? Or is it not what it looks like?

4 – 6 pm College Block A

Girls of Gav (California) — Sara Grace Barclay — 00:14:37
Documentary: Women film students at Gavilan College talk about the opportunities and challenges of approaching a career in filmmaking.

Run Down (California) — Craig Lore — 00:06:19
Drama: At the end of a long day of teaching, an old English Professor is forced to give chase after a young man who has committed a crime.

In the Shadows (California) — Trevor Rock — 00:03:47
Drama: In a dark forest, a woman is running, trying to evade her pursuer.

A New Chapter (California) — Haoyii Lim — 00:08:22
Drama: A father comes home to find his young daughter wearing her late mother’s necklace. He spins a fantasy tale about the necklace as a magical heirloom.

Synchronicity (United Kingdom) — Michelle Brand — 00:03:47
Animation: People come, people go. Yet everyone is connected in a visual dance and is part of a bigger picture we are unable to see.

Fatphobic (Colorado) — Leilani Osmundson — 00:04:26
Documentary: A look at eating disorders in larger bodies.

Anywhere (Switzerland) — Juliette Menthonnex — 00:31:14
Documentary: A former trapeze artist from Florida leads a small circus in Switzerland with her husband, passing on the circus cultural heritage to her daughter.

6 – 8 pm College Block B

Take Care* (California) — Itamar Giladi 00:24:30
Drama: A 19-year-old parking attendant learns that his undocumented mother needs expensive medical care. How far will he go to prove he can take care of her?

Heaven’s Meadow (Austria) Magdalena Chmielewska 00:29:00
Drama: After reporting a violent assault, an injured woman travels to Italy, hoping to forget, yet keeps floating through the world like an unanchored island.

* Film is a “Best of Festival” nominee

And Now* (Germany) Michel Linzer 00:29:00
Musical Drama: Mart prepared his whole life to receive his university degree! Now he is overwhelmed with the choices to be made. At least he is not the only one.

Day Release* (Austria) Martin Winter 00:35:00
Drama: A 25-year-old prisoner gets day-release on her son’s birthday. She finds him neglected, and must locate a better solution before she returns to prison.

8 – 10 pm College Block C

Night Shift (New Zealand) — Jacinda Kumar 00:13:32
Drama: A young man threatens a pharmacist when she refuses to give him unprescribed morphine. She must act to save both of their lives.

I Am Mackenzie (Texas) Artemis Anastasiadou 00:19:43
Drama: A sequined dress, a first crush. A teen in rural Texas finds the courage for honest self-reflection despite feeling alien to their body and gender.

Grounding (Ireland) Oisín-Tomás Ó Raghallaigh 00:08:00
Drama: During a mental health appointment, a shy 15-year old opens up about the abuse she and her brother have faced and its psychological consequences.

Howling* (Iran) Parsa Bozorgani 00:08:16
CONTENT WARNING Documentary: Years ago, stray dogs in Iran were killed by acid injection. Nobody took responsibility for the action. The murderer is interviewed in this film.

Farta (Germany) — Silvia Cannarozzi 00:10:00
Drama: Theresa has documented her daughter Marta’s entire childhood on social media without considering the full consequences once Marta becomes a teen.

Shattered (Germany) — Torben Liebrecht 00:13:43
Drama: A routine duty turns into a life-threatening act of self-defense when a police officer uses his gun against a person for the first time in 30 years.

Ukde (Turkey) — Ecem Çelik 00:18:28
Drama: A tailor is tricked into caring for an immigrant girl for a few days. This girl touches the woman’s past and makes her feel less alone for a while.

Thursday April 2nd - Juried Films

El Teatro Campesino
705 4th Street

10:30 am – 12:30 pm Dramas, Sci-Fi, Documentaries

Cuban Canvas (New York) Kavery Kaul 00:14:20
Documentary: An intergenerational story of artists in Havana who experiment with form and bold vision, and whose works hang in museums and galleries worldwide.

Never Give Up* (Malta) Jonathan Schörnig 00:15:00
Documentary: A Nigerian refugee whose parents were murdered tells of crossing the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea to Malta, sustained by musical ambitions.

The Afghanistanis (Romania) Adrian Silisteanu 00:16:59
Drama: Sporadic gunshots in a ruined village force two young men to lead a hard negotiation, both for the fate of the settlement and for their own future.

Aysan (Iran) Mehrshad Kheradmandi 00:20:00
Sci-Fi: A man goes to a company that rebuilds people, asking to spend some time with his late niece. The woman who will “become” the niece knew her in life.

Aurorita of My Eyes (Colombia) Natalia Chinchilla 00:23:17
Drama: Aurorita, the love of Raul’s life, left him without a word. Six months later, they run into each other again and begin a trip through the countryside.

12:30 – 2:30 pm Dramas, Sci-Fi

Amalgama (Colombia) Alejandra Wills 00:12:53
Drama: A peasant woman living alone has a strained relationship with Henry, who helps her with household tasks. We slowly learn the reason for the tension.

Pigua – Terror (Israel) Yonatan Shehoah 00:16:25
Drama: A Jerusalem supermarket worker has PTSD from a terrorist attack. When attacks hit again, his panic has severe consequences for himself and others.

The Dishwasher (New York and California) Nick Hartanto, Sam Roden 00:12:34
Drama: A chef at a fine dining restaurant in New York City asks a Mexican dishwasher to find good tortillas.

Muffin (Greece) Daniel Bolda 00:16:45
Sci-Fi: Willing to pay the price for a new life, a man stops his car in the middle of nowhere and forces his father out, leaving him all alone in the woods.

Amir Ali (Iran) Shiva Ghanbarian 00:20:00
Drama: Amir Ali’s parents are divorcing. His mother asks him to find and bring to her a red folder containing important documents that his father has hidden.

The Passport (Iran) Hanieh Bavali 00:14:24
Drama: A young photographer has to take photos of others who want to leave Iran. But he must stay…

2:30 – 4:30 pm Difficult Lives

Beloved* (Iran) Yaser Talebi 00:54:00
Documentary: From dawn to dusk, 82-year-old Firouzeh takes care of her beloved cows in the mountains of Northern Iran, with no access to electricity, gas, or phone.

Marisol (New York) Zoe Salicrup 00:14:44
Drama: A young undocumented mother borrows a friend’s car and identity to earn ride-sharing fares. A passenger is suspicious and asks some hard questions.

I Will Wait (Iraq) Mohammed Sherwani 00:11:00
Drama: Suhailah has to find a way to care for her infant and still continue to earn enough money to live until her husband comes back from war.

The Great President (Italy) Giovanni Basso 00:06:48
Drama: After an election, twin brothers face the secret that binds their destiny to the future of the country.

4:30 – 6:30 pm Cultural and Social Insights, Comedy

Kandurwan, Baking History (India) — Mehvish Rather 00:19:28
Documentary: Baking bread in Kashmir has not changed in centuries, in stark contrast to the decades-long political conflict in this heavily militarized region.

Responsible (Iran) — Maryam Modarres 00:03:00
Drama: When ISIS attacks a neighborhood in northeast Aleppo, a Syrian father faces a horrible decision while trying to help his family escape.

Nemesis* (Iran) — Behzad Jafarimazhab Haghighi 00:05:00
Drama: In a surreal amusement park, a man is put on trial by the authorities for having a pinwheel.

Someone Good Will Find You* (California) Leelila Strogov 00:08:40
Drama: A Chinese immigrant father tries to teach his son how to “make it” in America, but the lessons the son learns transcend those his father intended.

Desaturated (Ukraine) Marina Stepanska 00:10:00
Comedy: In this visual comedy, a woman knows she is in a film with a color palette different from the world around her. She tries to resolve this conflict.

And Me (Germany) — Yaren Zara Berg 00:24:16
Drama: Gü lbeyaz has a troubled marriage to an unappreciative husband. She starts a relationship with a Syrian boy and this gives her hope for a new life.

Handy Hoch! – Smartagers (Germany) — Dani Holzer 00:14:38
Comedy: Summer in Berlin: kids meet at the swimming pool. Things are great, until their smartphones start dominating everything. The grown-ups don’t help.

* Film is a “Best of Festival” nominee

Thursday April 2nd - Local Filmmakers Showcase

Community Playhouse
17090 Monterey Road

10:30 am – 1 pm Local Filmmakers A

Letters to my Grandchildren (California) Carol Wolf 01:33:52
Documentary: What do you know about living life that needs to be passed on? Interviews with older adults reveal the wisdom that comes with age.

Buy Any Means (California) Terry Hall 00:29:34
Horror: A young couple loves their fl at, but the landlord evicts them in order to rent to a higher-paying tenant. The couple decides to resist by any means.

Losing Game* (California) Natalie Britton 00:05:12
Comedy: Short fi lm meets video game in this genre-bending piece about the obstacles women navigate daily while simply trying to get from point A to point B.

Shining Star Prom* (California) Jordan Graham 00:04:13
Documentary: A very special prom night for some very special young people.

1 – 3 pm Local Filmmakers B

Sophie (California) Anna Cangellaris 00:04:42
Animation: Sophie longs to be reborn while seeking to know her double. A party in the hills of Los Angeles offers a corporeal shift to her existence.

Positively Venting (California) Milla Spivey 00:06:38
Drama: Each member of this family struggles with specific frustrations and has a particular way of coping with them.

A Moment (California) Emily Lerer 00:07:03
Comedy: A quirky relationship comedy. A couple has a passionate discussion that transforms the dynamic of their relationship.

Flight of the Heron (California) Olivia Reedy 00:13:58
Drama: Critically ill medical student Lú Ho travels through time to thwart an old immigration ban and save many lives, but her own may be at risk.

Bound 4 Heaven (California) Alexey Samsonov 00:13:14
Drama: Young people preparing to join a church group on a missionary trip are kidnapped and forced to confess their “sins.” But what is considered sinful?

How Turtle Got Cracks on His Back (California) Kanyon Sayers Rood, Rulan Tangen, Ian Garrett 00:03:03
Music/Dance: A.colorful, light-filled, retelling of a folk tale through dance and sweeping vistas.

Arthur King Changing Landscapes – Wauters Farm (California) Brian Canning, Sam Johnson 00:19:15
Art Documentary: An LA-based art collective gathers audio and visual samples from a small family farm in Iowa for an improvisational performance in the same setting.

Lost Treasure of the Valley (California) Robert Husted 00:25:22
Comedy: Abandoned shopping carts in LA’s San Fernando Valley lead to a hidden cave off of Sepulveda Blvd. with a lost treasure inside – guarded by a dragon!

3 – 5 pm Local Filmmakers C

The Debutante (California) Neil Miller 00:03:21
Animation: A young woman does not want to attend her debutante ball, and finds a most unusual friend to go in her place.

The God Given Talent: The Creative Life of Charles Curtis Blackwell (California) Jeff M. Giordano 01:10:00
Documentary: The Oakland poet, painter, playwright and teacher, seen from his challenging upbringing to his current creative life through his artistic endeavors.

The Youth (California) 00:07:03
Drama: Maddi has to make a decision to grow up when her older brother is set to leave for college.

Things Break In* (California) Tess Harrison 00:06:27
Drama: Ida and Rosa work on a farm to support their families during wartime in 1940 and develop a special friendship.

Sketch (California) Jared Leaf 00:05:29
Horror: An artist who draws bizarre horror-themed illustrations loses himself in his dark world.

5 – 7 pm Local Filmmakers D

The Happiest Couple Alive (California) Daniel Nogueira 00:13:12
Drama: A young couple in love have just moved in together. We learn that the house and love are not all they share.

All the Wrong Things* (California) Chelsea Gonzalez 00:08:43
Drama: Lucy is having a rough day. When it seems that things can’t get any worse, she meets Willy, a man with the best intentions and the worst execution.

Moth (California) Shu Zhu 00:16:54
Drama: An Asian-American actress struggles to revive her career in the sexually commodified entertainment industry. Her mental state slowly deteriorates.

In the Land of My Ancestors* (California) Rucha Chitnis 00:08:30
Documentary: “Ohlone people are still here. We are survivors.” Celebrate the living legacy of Ann Marie Sayers, a beloved Ohlone elder in the SF Bay area.

The Crow and the Squirrel (California) Guillermo Gomez 00:03:39
Animation: A crow tries to cheer up a sad squirrel. He doesn’t get the response he expects, but both leave happier and wiser.

Conspiracy Party (California) H. Nelson Tracey 00:07:55
Comedy: A guy invites a girl he’s recently started dating to his friend Ozzy’s apartment for a party, which turns out to be full of conspiracy theorists.

The Turner Exhibit (California/Maryland) Mathew Bainbridge 00:24:48
Drama: Growing resentment between brothers Anthony and Alex Turner, one successful and one struggling, leads to jealousy, deception, betrayal, and tragedy.

7 – 9:30 pm Bullying Films & Panel Discussion

Turning (Sweden) Linné a Haviland 00:01:51
Animation: A film about the emotional impact of homo- bi- and transphobia on young people, and how support and community can help us grow.

I am Zal (Iran) — Hooman Naderi 00:13:32
Drama: A boy with Albinism is to play the role of the whitehaired hero Zal at school, but his mother objects and tells him a false version of the legend.

Bullied (California) Thomas Keith 01:18:34
Documentary: The fi lm tracks the causes and consequences of bullying, along with programs and solutions that have had an impact on mitigating bullying in schools.

See Panel Discussion on “Bullied” and Bullying

9:30 pm – 12 am After Party

Kelly Brewing Company
70 E. Fourth Street

* Film is a “Best of Festival” nominee

Friday April 3rd - Juried Films & Women in Film Panel

Community Playhouse
17090 Monterey Road

10 am – 12 pm Short Documentaries

John Van Hamersveld: Crazy World Ain’t It (California) Dave Tourjé, Christopher Sibley 00:10:55
Documentary: A kaleidoscopic artist’s career, seen by artists and innovators he infl uenced, gives an encouraging message to young artists in a challenging world.

Invisible* (Iran) Shirin Barghnavard 00:27:15
Documentary: The Berlin Wall separated the German people. Nationalism today can also be a wall, separating, excluding, and creating boundaries between people.

The Traffic Separating Device (Sweden) Johan Palmgren 00:15:00
Comic Documentary: A device is installed in central Stockholm to keep cars out and only let buses pass. Drivers try to get past and hundreds of cars get destroyed.

Olowe and I (Switzerland) Christina Ruloff 00:14:17
Documentary: His first “Olowe” was a fake, but art dealer Jean David loves the Yoruba artist. How can one distinguish between “real” and “fake” African art?

The Invalid Corps* (Maryland) Day Al-Mohamed 00:28:14
Documentary: For 24 hours in July 1864, a corps of injured men – “hopeless cripples” – is all that stands between Confederate troops and Washington D.C.

12 – 2 pm Strong Women, Unpredictable Men

Mila (Greece) Andreas Vakalios 00:14:50
Drama: 20-year-old Mila hasn’t seen her father, a 45-year old alcoholic life artist, in years. Now he is hospitalized. This might be their last meeting.

Bagheera* (India) Christopher R. Watson 00:18:33
Drama: Bagheera, an Indian Girl Scout leader, is abducted after a troop meeting. Her scouting skills help her engage in a battle of wits with her captor.

Lilli (Germany) Sascha Zimmermann 00:09:36
Comedy: During a one-night stand, the man Lilli is with (a policeman) dies of a heart attack. Her friends know exactly what to do.

The Wind Phone* (California) Kristen Gerweck 00:15:52
Drama: Seven strangers, drawn to the same remote and eerie phone booth on a Japanese cliffside, hold varied conversations connected by one harrowing reality.

Bridge (Iran) Vahid Hassanzadeh 00:14:50
Drama: An urban girl on a bridge decides to pretend suicide to get attention, but no one cares. Until someone does.

Wild Will* (Australia) Alan King 00:12:57
Horror: When the neighborhood dogcatcher is found wandering the streets, he is brought to the police station. The situation disintegrates into hell on earth.

2 – 4 pm Universal Women’s Issues Films

The Little Death (Switzerland) Annie Gisler 01:01:05
CONTENT WARNING Documentary: Women of various ages, experiences, and sexual preferences talk frankly about orgasms, driven to break taboos that still weigh on female sexuality.

Underpressure (Austria) Lilli Schwabe 00:33:00
Drama: A gynecologist supports her patients whether they give birth or have an abortion. With increasing daily pressures, her belief systems begin to falter.

Under Mom’s Skirt* (France) Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix 00:12:10
Comedy: A young woman goes along with her mother to translate during a routine medical check-up, and in the process learns more than she expected.

4 – 6 pm Women in Film Panel

See Panels page for panel details.

6 – 8 pm LGBTQ+ Focus

Mothers Day (Turkey) Merve Cagla Dincer 00:08:09
Drama: Two women who have experienced different losses meet and change the course of each other’s lives.

Collage (Iran) Sadeq Es-haqi 00:14:00
Drama: A teenage lesbian girl faces challenges with her identity. She cannot explain to her mother about her feelings and decides to leave home forever.

Tomorrow Island* (Estonia) Gwenn Joyaux 00:16:28
Drama: A young Soviet telegraphist tries to save her American lover from being trapped on the Russian side of the Bering Strait when the border closes.

Bodies (Iran) Morvarid Kashiyan 00:15:00
Drama: A trans woman in a deeply conservative society wants to have surgery to complete the transition, but her father thinks she is better off as a man.

Lolo (Germany) Leandro Goddinho, Paulo Menezes 00:13:40
Drama: Lolo, an openly gay 11-year-old boy, is trying to convince Max, his first love, to go public with their relationship at the school party.

Italy & (This is) Water (Austria) Ioan Gavriel, Anja Franziska Plaschg 00:05:26
Music Video: Two musical compositions in one music video allegorically describing one day in two lives.

Extra Sauce* (Germany) Alireza Ghasemi 00:13:40
Comedy: Hans, a mediocre heartbroken actor, is greeted by an Angel of Death after attempting suicide an hour before his play’s premiere.

Sparrow (New Zealand) Welby Ings 00:15:00
A small boy discovers that the legend of his grandfather as a war hero is a lie. Out of the truth, the boy finds strength to stand up to his bullies.

7 pm – 12 am Music Night and Brian Augur Film

The District Theater
7430 Monterey Road

7 – 8 pm
Youth Live Band Performances and Millennial Music Videos

8 – 9:30 pm
Brian Auger – Life on Tour (Germany) Michael Maschke 01:12:08
Brian Auger, master of the Hammond organ, has played with Rod Stewart, Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Zucchero … and in his 80s is still on tour.

9:30 pm – Midnight
Live Music

* Film is a “Best of Festival” nominee

Saturday April 4th - Industry Panel & Juried Films

Granada Theater
336 Fifth Street

10 am – 12 pm Industry Panel

See Panels page for panel details.

12 – 2 pm 40 & Up / 70 & Up Programs and Related Films

Greyish* (Iran) Eghbal Shirzaei 00:04:00
Animation: A short but deep metaphorical story about a woolen grey old man.

Final Act (Portugal) Maria Hespanhol 00:18:00
Drama: A prima ballerina’s closing performance as the main character in “The Red Shoes” leads her to doubt the choice to leave her dance career.

Mignon (Hungary) Katalin Oláh, Sándor Csukás 00:27:00
Documentary: Octogenarian Marika has an infant soul. Playing with stuffed toys and dressing as a pretty ballerina, she dances to overcome the loss of her childhood.

70 & UP PJIFF Program (California) 00:30:00
Documentary: a PJIFF Educational Program with participants from Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Hollister and San Juan Bautista.

40 & UP PJIFF Program (California) 00:05:00
Comedy: Two Elvis Impersonators find out they are related. A PJIFF Educational Program with participants from Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Hollister and San Juan Bautista.

2 – 4 pm Action and Drama

Till the End of the World* (Netherlands) Florence Bouvy 00:26:33
Drama: Eight-year-old Marie loves her dad. But playful dreams can suddenly turn into empty eyes, and she has to fight for her father’s unconditional love.

The Scorpion’s Tale* (California) Jhosimar Vasquez 00:22:18
Action: Greed, revenge, and death intersect and nothing is what is seems in this prison-based crime drama.

A Rodeo Film (California) Darius Dawson 00:18:45
Drama: A bull rider who falls out of love with the sport must choose between his family’s legacy of rodeo and his own aspirations for his life.

Somebody and Nobody* (Germany) Joscha Douma 00:27:45
Action: A calm, reserved young cowboy wants to avenge his murdered brother, finally stepping out of his shadow to prove his manliness to their father.

4 – 6 pm Motocross Drama

Full Gas* (Israel) Kobi Machat 01:53:00
Drama: A new teen in town arrives shortly before a Motocross championship. He is bullied and threatened, but finds a mentor to help him prepare for the race.

6 – 8 pm Windsurfing Drama

After the Beep (Germany) — Florian Bison 00:02:33
Drama: A single mother in a motorcycle gang also meets her young son’s needs, but a message from her long-estranged ex forces her to reexamine her image.

Cabarete (Dominican Republic) Ivan Bordas 01:52:00
Drama: A teenage village kitesurfer convinces his idol to train him, but is torn between city nightlife pleasures and pursuing his athletic ambitions.

8 – 10 pm International Drama

Ba Guan – Ah Gong (Taiwan) Clifford Miu 00:13:50
Drama: In Taiwan after the SARS epidemic, a boy discovers that his family has decided to pull the plug on his beloved grandfather.

Yara (Switzerland) Sean Wirz 00:23:10
Drama: 12-year-old Isaf is shaken when he fi nds Yara, a Syrian refugee, hiding in the attic. Despite initial distrust, the boy and the girl become friends.

Aurora (Germany) Philip Escobar Jung 00:24:14
Drama: A young girl who lives in the Bavarian Alps goes with her father into the mountains to observe a meteor shower, but events there will shake her world.

Location (Iran) Mohammad Salimirad 00:13:38
Drama: A military offi cer drives his wife (who’s in labor) on a remote road. The car breaks down. Two prisoners are in the back in chains. And there’s a gun.

Coffin Decolleté (Egypt) Nancy Kamal 00:05:57
Drama: A very young impoverished Egyptian village girl discovers she is about to be married illegally, depriving her of both education and childhood.

Way Back (South Africa) Per Kasch 00:03:18
Drama: A coincidental discovery rips a down & out private detective out of his daily routine. He embarks on a search into the past to change his future.

* Film is a “Best of Festival” nominee

Saturday April 4th - Juried Films & Industry Panel

The District Theater
7430 Monterey Road

10 am – 12 pm Kids and the Young at Heart

Tiffany* (Florida) Christina Christie 00:06:15
Animation: Pauline’s late grandmother was a stained-glass artist. One of her sculptures comes to life and brings joy from the memories of one who has been lost.

The Visit (Germany) Christian Werner 00:15:00
Drama: Klaus works as a shopping mall Santa. After an exhausting day, he decides to quit. But then he gets a call from the children’s intensive care unit.

The Incomplete* (Iran) Erfan Parsapour 00:07:00
Animation: A hungry otter’s obsession with perfection may cost him the chance for happiness in the real world.

The Big Questions in Life (Germany) Ingrid Hübscher 00:06:22
Drama: A little girl gets bored waiting for her mother at a cafe and finds a boy to play with.

Morgen Kommt Kein Weihnachtsmann (Germany) Anna Ludwig 00:15:00
Drama: A single mom tells her sons sadly that she can’t hire a Santa Claus this year. The boys conclude that Mom still believes. Now it’s up to them.

Not Factory Default (New Jersey) David Bowditch 00:02:11
Animation: Awakening to sentience on an assembly line, a defective robot must escape the factory or be captured and destroyed.

Serpendipity* (Florida) Carlos Mejia, Kevin Barwick 00:07:12
Animation: Gordon is nervous before his dinner date. His secret: he has snakes for hair that turn people into stone. Will he find love or a date with disaster?

Better than Neil Armstrong (Iran) Alireza Ghasemi 00:20:00
Drama: Four kids begin a journey to the moon to find a mysterious place called Redland, but the gates of Redland are being guarded by a mischievous snake.

12 – 2 pm War and Veterans’ Program

Six Homes* (Iran) — Ebad Adib Pour 00:03:34
Drama: Children try to play in a war-ravaged neighborhood

Limbo (Iran) Ghasideh Golmakani 00:15:00
Drama: A former Iraqi sniper took refuge in Iran. He has tattoos of the names of all the soldiers he killed in the conflicts and wars in Iraq.

PJIFF Vietnam Veterans’ Documentary (California) 00:60:00
Documentary: a PJIFF Educational Program with participants from Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Hollister and San Juan Bautista. Four veterans tell their stories of their experience in the Vietnam War for the first time.

2 – 4 pm Industry Panel

See Panels page for panel details.

4 – 6 pm Eclectic Mix

Therese* (Switzerland) Fabiana Serpa 00:29:00
Drama: It is 1888 and Therese, a Bavarian botanist, begins a four-month expedition in Brazil. But her local guide refuses to take orders from a woman.

In the Hut of Mr. van den Brink* (Germany) Björn Renner 00:15:00
Drama: Two small-time crooks fleeing the police hide in a garden house. They wake with their hands and feet bound. Mr. van den Brink now calls the shots.

Pappy Hour (California) Nell Teare 00:10:40
Comedy: A woman must bring together her dysfunctional family to fulfill her father’s last wish.

The Patriot (Germany) — Katja Fedulova 00:27:00
At 21, Vasily Vlasov became the youngest parliamentarian in Russia: a new fresh voice but with ideals rooted in a party viewed by some as fascist.

Deep Roots (Switzerland) Luc Godonou Dossou 00:14:58
In the cockfighting pits in three countries, trainers prepare their roosters for an upcoming fight in front of an audience of bettors and aficionados.

6 – 8 pm Sci-Fi and Horror

Altitude* (Austria) Nicole Scherer 00:11:00
Horror: For two alpinists, a hike up to a mountain cabin turns into a life-threatening battle between reality and illusion.

Offbeat (Netherlands) Myrte Ouwerkerk 00:19:50
Sci-Fi: In a polluted future, a young drummer must take a series of absurd tests to get inside a dome where the air is clean and the best musicians live.

Madame* (United Kingdom) Garth Jennings 00:22:43
Horror: Inside a grand Parisian apartment lives an elegant elderly lady. And inside this lady lives a monster.

Eternity* (Ukraine) Anna Sobolevska 00:23:49
Sci-Fi: 2058. Corporations digitize the souls of the dying to preserve forever. Ian opposes the practice, but a car crash makes him go against his principles.

O.I.* (Canada) N’cee van Heerden 00:18:40
Comedy/Horror: Barry has a unique problem. He came up with a truly original idea and he is the only one immune to it. Chris doesn’t believe a word of it.

* Film is a “Best of Festival” nominee

Saturday April 4th - Juried Films

Community Playhouse
17090 Monterey Road

9:30 am – 12 pm Different Abilities

Cows Can’t Swim (Germany) Jonas Möllmann 00:22:47
Drama: Two headstrong, lonely souls meet at a hotel bar. They prey on each other’s weaknesses with precision and persistence, but just can’t break away.

Gaslit (Australia) Naomi Chainey 00:09:33
Drama: A young disabled woman strives for independence in a doubting world full of incorrect assumptions about her.

Milk (Canada) Samiramis Kia 00:12:29
Drama: A Russian immigrant couple do all they can to provide help to their daughter while dealing with their differences.

Deaf Jam* (New York) Judy Lieff 01:10:00
Documentary: A deaf teen discovers the power of American Sign Language poetry, competes in a spoken-word poetry slam, and enters an unexpected collaboration.

12 – 2 pm International Comedy

Hapless Hans* (Germany) Rena Dumont 00:29:00
Comedy: In the 1960s, a simple factory worker reluctantly travels to communist Czechoslovakia to bury his grandmother, encountering adventure along the way.

Doing Big Jobs* (Germany) — Johannes Huth 00:13:43
Comedy: A woman with intestinal distress, stuck in a nightclub’s toilet, hears a couple in the next cubicle start a fight about love, jealousy, and a bit of cocaine.

Cold Storage* (Finland) Thomas Freundlich 00:08:45
Comedy: In a comedy reminiscent of the silent screen era, a lonely arctic fisherman discovers his prehistoric counterpart frozen in the ice and thaws him out.

The Cocaine Famine* (Ireland) Sam McMullen 00:13:06
Comedy: In an isolated shed in rural Ireland, three characters in this black comedy play out an absurd scene about cocaine and the futility of nationalism.

Your Last Day on Earth* (Spain) Marc Martínez Jordán 00:12:00
Sci-Fi: A man dressed as a fox breaks space-time limits to spend time with his wife. But there’s a far more complex and ambitious plan at work.

Cover Up* (Germany) Marie-Amé lie Steul 00:13:32
Comedy: A short-tempered conservative Arabic censor’s life is shaken when his colleague discovers a compromising photo that could ruin his reputation.

2 – 4 pm Iranian Insights

Driving Lessons (Iran) Marziyeh Riahi 00:12:48
Comedy: Under Iranian law, Bahareh must have her traditional, chauvinistic husband with her at driving lessons so she and her instructor will not be alone.

One Night In Tehran* (Iran) Farhad Najafi 01:19:00
Drama: Like big cities around the world, Tehran has its night life. A woman looking for happiness gets into a night cab, unaware of how her life will change.

4 – 6 pm Dramas and Documentaries

Pendulum* (Iran) Rahimtoofan 00:15:00
Drama: A woman is stuck with a young man in a hospital elevator. The young man needs urgent help but social taboos and the woman’s husband intervene.

Blue Fire* (New York) Nick Ronan 0:18:39
Sci-Fi: Deep in the snowy Blue Mountains, two damaged lives come crashing violently back together when they discover something in the forest not of this world.

A Concerned Citizen: Civics in Action* (California) Bo Boudart 00:40:00
Documentary: Activist Dr. Riki Ott works to curb pollution and to reform laws on campaign fi nance and contributions. Others have followed her example.

King of the Road* (California) Cate Celso 00:24:57
Documentary: Rick Torres is a tractor trailer driver and 20-year Elvis Presley Tribute Artist whose passion is legendary.

6 – 8 pm Music Documentary, Serious Drama

Bakosó: AfroBeats of Cuba* (Cuba) Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi 00:50:33
Documentary: A new musical genre in Cuba called Bakosó proves that Caribbean-African musical collaboration (that started with the slave trade) still continues.

The Sound of Unexpected Death (Denmark) Alexander Sagmo 00:30:00
CONTENT WARNING Drama: It’s a completely normal night – until it isn’t. Six seemingly innocuous scenarios serve as the prelude to a horrific, unexpected terror.

8 – 10 pm Sci-Fi, Drama

Falter* (Germany) Harriet Maria Meining, Peter Meining 00:43:20
Sci-Fi: At the start of a post-human era, to give his monotonous life a new meaning, Falter decides to share it with an android.

The Pink Line (Iran) Bayan Zarabi 00:15:00
Drama: Fa’ezeh is probably carrying a baby, but not from her husband. And this pregnancy could have very serious consequences in the place she lives.

Kaugummiblase (Germany) Anja Gurres 00:25:00
Drama: Emma reaches puberty but would rather stay in childhood chewing bubblegum. Her best friend Lasse is growing up, moving on. Will Emma’s bubble burst?

The Crossing (Iran) Sara Ghafourian 00:18:42
Drama: Three desperate women plan to leave the country to escape abusive relationships, prison terms, and the strictures of life under men’s control.

6 – 10 pm PJIFF Gala

Jayson Stebbins, Emcee

Granada Theater
17440 Monterey Road

10-12 pm After Party

Noah’s Bistro
17500 Monterey Road

* Film is a “Best of Festival” nominee

Sunday April 5th - Juried Films & Visual Effects Panel

Community Playhouse
17090 Monterey Road

10 am – 12 pm Thoughtful Documentary and Drama

The Dolls’ Fiction* (Iran) Seyed Mostafa Fakhari Niry 00:20:17
Documentary: An old woman lives with her disabled husband on a remote farm. For reasons hidden deep inside her, she creates huge dolls, each with its own story.

Online Shopping (Iran) Ghasideh Golmakani 00:15:00
Drama: An Iranian girl posts her belongings online for sale to prepare for emigration. One customer is a man who behaves strangely.

Hanged (Iran) Roqiye Tavakoli 00:12:55
Drama: A look at the life of a 40-year-old woman who works as a hangman in the Yazd province in Iran.

Faith – Vera (Russia) Tatiana Fedorovskaya 00:15:00
Drama: An old former radio operator, living alone, draws comfort from a flickering light bulb that he believes conveys messages from his late wife in Heaven.

Respringendo (Germany) Denise Ekale Kum 00:25:00
Drama: A young musician battles through self-doubt and unhelpful relationships to reconnect with her most precious possession: her late father’s red guitar.

Solitaire (Russia) Elena Brodach 00:18:54
Drama: An intelligent, driven, independent architect working in Moscow wants a child. Does she have time to wait for love or must she have a baby alone?

12 – 2 pm Sports Mockumentary

The Return of the Thumb* (Austria) Flo Convey 01:41:30
Comedy: A worn-down thumb wrestling coach has one last chance to win the Austrian championship with a new fighter. But the competition is fierce! 

2 – 4 pm Troubled Children

Zero Gravity (Germany) Lukas Hablitzel 00:04:49
Drama: When two boys’ parents start to break up, the older tells the younger a story to help him understand what will change and what will stay the same.

How I Live (Massachusetts) Meghan Shea 01:26:00
Documentary: The hardships of cancer treatment and obstacles to accessing care plague children and their families in Guatemala, El Salvador, Myanmar and Egypt.

4 – 6 pm Desperation

Azadeh (Iran) Mirabbas Khosravinezhad 00:09:30
Drama: Village girl Azadeh wants to visit her terminally ill father in the city for the last time, but her mother and brother forbid her to leave the house.

Bookanah (Iran) Sharmin Soltanian 00:05:42
Drama: An Iranian village girl walks alone to her wedding preparations, passing reminders of the childhood being left behind and the changes to come.

Hope Frozen (Thailand) Pailin Wedel, Nina Ijas 01:15:18
Documentary: A Thai-Buddhist couple seeks closure after cryopreserving their two-year-old daughter, while their son tries to learn if science can ever revive her.

6 – 8 pm Art Documentary, Drama, Comedy

Passage (France) Quentin Persia 0:13:00
Drama: A distraught young man’s suicide attempt is thwarted by an old man, changing both their lives.

The Obituarist (California) Shannan Leigh Reeve 00:16:50
Comedy: A millennial journalist works as an obituary writer, a job she loves until she makes a massive error and has to face the consequences.

Rea (Germany) Joanna Bielinski 00:22:50
Drama: Rea’s depression worsens when Oliver takes the baby to work to lighten her load. Outdated gender roles work both ways in this psychological drama.

How to Bend Concrete in 108 Easy Steps (Oregon) Mahesh Madhav 00:19:47
Documentary: Engineering meets art through a designer’s ideation and physical processes that bend industrial concrete into beautiful furniture.

Blowing in the Wind (Iran) Woodyan Zoveidavi 00:08:04
CONTENT WARNING Drama: Amid the screams and gunshots of a war zone, a woman runs from one ruined building to another for shelter to keep herself and her child alive.

The Bronze Fly (France) Karleener 00:15:00
Drama: A painter gives three magic pills to his visually impaired girlfriend, then loses her in the crowd. She searches for the painter and his secret.

2 – 4 pm Visual Effects Panel

See Panels page for panel details.

4 – 7 pm PJIFF Awards Ceremony

Jayson Stebbins, Emcee

Granada Theater
17440 Monterey Road

* Film is a “Best of Festival” nominee

Monday April 6th - Mexico Day Invited Films

The District Theater
7430 Monterey Road

12 – 2 pm Difficult Lives

Ciudades Invisibles (Invisible Cities) Jhoferd Ortega Garcia 0:15:00
Documentary: An earthquake can destroy buildings and can also break people. After losing their homes and livelihoods in an earthquake, the villagers of uninhabitable apartments were taken to a special camp. Two years later, with no support, they still live in the camp. To society, they do not exist.

El Sembrador (The Sower) Melissa Elizondo Moreno 01:25:00
Documentary: Bartolomé, a teacher in a school in the mountains of Chiapas in Mexico, knows that pedagogy is not based on textbooks and cannot fit behind the four walls of a classroom. A true sower of knowledge creates a model of education based on curiosity and love for the outside world.

2 – 4 pm Art and Hope

El Tio Tomas (Uncle Tomas) Regina Pessoa 0:12:00
Documentary: Regina Pessoa pays tribute to the poet who inspired her work and was crucial for her to become a film director. In the name of the poet she seeks to celebrate the figure of the worldly and unknown artist.

45 días en Jarbar (45 Days in Harvar) Cesar Aréchiga 0 1:18:00
Documentary: A plastic artist creates a studio in a maximum security prison. Fifteen inmates learn about paper production, clay modeling, sculpting, and painting. Through this artistic interaction, they share their personal experiences of how they became involved with drug trafficking.

La Promesa del Cocuyo (The Promise of the Firefly) Sandra Martinez 00:13:31
Drama: Alf’s childhood friend Kayla needs a miracle. Alf sets out on the impossible task of making it happen, no matter how long it takes.

Icon Awards

Music: Los Tigres del Norte
The Grammy-winning Los Tigres del Norte have over their 40-year history recorded more than 55 albums, with 140 platinum records, 135 gold and 1 diamond. Parallel to their musical activities, the group created the Los Tigres del Norte Foundation, to conserve and defend Mexican heritage and tradition in the United States.

Film: Luis Valdez
Luis is the founder of San Juan Bautista’s Obie-award-winning theater company, El Teatro Campesino (The Farm Workers’ Theater), which has entertained and educated audiences for over 50 years. Many of his works celebrate his farm worker roots, his experiences with Cesar Chavez and the UFW, Chicano culture in America, or his Indigenous Yaqui heritage. Luis has received countless awards, including the Presidential Medal of the Arts and Mexico’s prestigious Aguila Azteca Award. He holds five honorary doctorate degrees and has taught at several colleges and universities in the region.

Art: Jose Ortiz
A Monterey County “treasure” as youth mentor and muralist, Jose has over 60 mobile and permanent mural projects located throughout the Counties of Monterey, Santa Cruz and the Bay Area. Jose is a founder of the painters’ workforce “Hijos del Sol” which became a workshop and studio then a conservatory, recognized in 2019 as State Nonprofit of the year. Jose’s studies at UC Santa Cruz, focused on Critical Race/Ethnic Studies with an emphasis on Native American/ Indigenous Studies, have influenced his present-day artwork.

Community Achievement Award: Ramiro Rodriguez
After studies at San Diego State University Ramiro returned to Hollister to join his family business, R&R Labor. He is now involved in multiple businesses facilitating employment. He also spends considerable time supporting many local charitable organizations, school sports, and events. Ramiro and his wife have two teenagers.

4 – 6:30 pm LGBTQ+, Sexual Assault, and Discrimination

Dragmex Daniel Guevara, Raul Uribe 00:24:00
Documentary: A tour through the experience of being a drag queen in Mexico City which also investigates the collapse of the barriers of gender and the borders between marvelous and terrible in a society that is often less liberal than we would like to believe.

La Flaca (The Bony Lady) Thiago Zanato, Adriana Barbosa 00:20:00
Documentary: During her yearly celebration to the Bony Lady (“La Flaca”) Arely Vazquez, a transgender woman and leader of the Santa Muerte (Saint Death) Cult in Queens, NY, faces challenges to fulfill a promise she made ten years ago.

La Mariachi (The Mariachi Woman) Adán Ruiz 00:09:00
Documentary: Nancy was unfairly imprisoned when she was mistaken as a trafficker while trying to cross the border into the United States. Now she lives in Mexico City with her wife and son. Every day she goes to work as one of the few mariachi women and sings to support her family.

Deconstruidos (Deconstructed) Daniel Vega 00:14:00
Documentary: Andres Navarro is a young photographer whose work dignifies and gives voice to people in the LGBT+ community. With his friend and stylist, Mariana Palacios, they develop a project that reflects identity and gender through photography and styling in persons from Oaxaca.

La Bruja de Texcoco Cecilia Villaverde Pineda, Alejandro Paredes Zatarain 00:12:00
Documentary: After a mysterious encounter with a shaman in Texcoco, a Mexico City based musician starts a journey to reconcile with his femininity through his music, in order to become “La Bruja de Texcoco.”

Karelu, lo que deja marca (Karelu, that leaves a mark) Ana Isabel Lobatón 00:16:00
CONTENT WARNING Documentary: Sexual abuse is a reality for 66% of Mexican females today. The issue has not been openly discussed by any government. Anaí accepts that she was abused and decides to share her story with the public.

Retratos de mi Madre (Portraits of My Mother) Tavo Ruiz 00:11:00
CONTENT WARNING Documentary: A mother confesses what she remembers from the moment that changed her life when she was raped as a child. By painfully recalling this traumatic event, she reflects on the sexual abuse of children and the scars that these events leave in a person’s life.

Estela Carmen Bernés 00:14:00
Documentary: On one of many difficult paths to support her family, Estela meets Toño, the owner of a famous taco stand. After one more ordeal, she takes over the stand, working through her grief while holding a “man’s” job.

7 – 9 pm Celebration of Mexican Culture

Presentation of Icon Awards and Live Performance

Master of Ceremonies Maria Cid
Maria, the owner of Maria Cid Agency-Farmers Insurance in Gilroy, is a fi rst generation Mexican-American with a deep love of Mexico’s cultural traditions and the desire to share them with others. She is active in many community and surrounding area events and causes from fine arts, to motorcycles and cars, to supporting youth programs. Her fundraising and event planning skills are very well known in the area. Maria is the Events Manager for PJIFF, a member of the PJIFF Board, and co-chair of PJIFF2020’s Mexico Day.

Three very short films by Mexicans living outside Mexico:

Tortillas! (Russia) Ramón Acosta Nuñez 00:00:57

Amar a México (Love for Mexico) (Oregon) J. Antonio Ochoa Morales 00:01:00

Llévate a México (Take Me to Mexico) (Texas) Alfredo Castro 00:00:58

Tuesday April 7th - China Day Invited Films

Community Playhouse
17090 Monterey Road

12 – 2 pm Legal and Social Drama

Unnamed Junior Dongxu Guo 01:46:46
Drama: Two law cases take place simultaneously in a small backward city of China: the wife of Youwang Cao, a township entrepreneur, was poisoned, and worker Bin Zhou disappeared. The two cases seem to be inextricably linked. Worker, boss, murderer, and kidnapper tell a story in which the man who tries to frame others becomes accused himself.

2 – 4 pm Ways of Finding Hope

Pills and Joy Shen Fu 00:28:02
Drama: In order to pay the bill for her father’s illness, a young woman came to the city alone and worked in a foot massage physiotherapy store. In the process of buying medicine for her father, she fell into the dilemma of collusion between doctors and drug dealers.

Family of Wushu Eric Hurst, Madison Wise, Kyle Chong, and Morgan Russell 00:13:17
Documentary: Within an impoverished Chinese community, children are sent to a Kung Fu school as their only hope of finding successful futures. However, despite the promise of enrichment, their Master conditions them in a manner other cultures may find stressful.

Left Behind Children Graham Law 00:09:55
Documentary: Liu Shou is a short documentary about two young girls successfully navigating their lives through the ancient art of Chinese opera – offering them foundational roots grounding them in the vast diversity of their ancestral traditions – while their absent parents seek economic prosperity, in China’s rapidly expanding cities, far away from their children.

Underdog Zhaoning Zhang 00:19:02
Drama: A young talented composer met his idol, who inspired him to be a composer. He is disappointed to find that this respected composer was a plagiarist. Will the young man stay quiet or find his own voice? Based on a true story.

4 – 6 pm Entrepreneurship in China

Go with Your Gut Qiurong Shi and Xian Hu 01:34:43
Documentary: The filmmakers traveled with seven entrepreneurs for two years through five countries and twenty cities to record their life, struggle and entrepreneurship. Audiences voluntarily organized over 50 screenings of this inspirational film in different cities in China. It also created a new model for the exhibition of documentaries in China – the social film.

6:30 – 7:30 pm Panel Discussion

Granada Theater
17440 Monterey Road

Moderator Shanshan Whittall
Founder and CEO, filmway — Shanshan has worked with filmmakers from China, U.S., UK, Vietnam, Malaysia and India and has sourced films for international film festivals including Seattle International and Heartland International. Her company, filmway, specializes in international film distribution, production, and showcasing. She is on the Poppy Jasper Board and is PJIFF 2020’s China Day chair.

Tiedong Zhou
President (2014–16), Beijing Novo United Films Co., Ltd.; President, China Film Import and Export (Los Angeles), Inc. (1995—2005). free-lance film scholar — One of the top fi lm executives and scholars in China, Tiedong has for more than 30 years worked in film import/export, both in China and in the U.S. including heading acquisitions for the only authorized importer of foreign fi lms to China. He also ran one of China’s top ten theater chains with more than 100 theaters and over 600 screens.

Qiuping Chen (Joseph)
Vice-president and Secretary-general of Beijing Film Association — Joseph is a screenwriter, director, and movie critic. He is a member of the China TV Drama Screenplay Association, Director of the China Film Literature Association, and Chief Art Officer of Beijing Colorful Season Film Co.

Zhaoning Zhang (Johnny)
Musician and composer — Johnny Zhang started composing at the age of 19. He has worked with internationally known filmmakers such as Zhang Yimou and Gu Changwei, and also Chinese cutting edge filmmakers such as Ning Hao and Han Han. He has composed over 70 theme songs, interludes, and albums for feature films, shorts, advertisements and Chinese singers.

Weimin Zhang
Award-winning filmmaker Weimin is one of China’s Sixth Generation filmmakers and a graduate of the Beijing Film Academy and Ohio University fi lm schools. Since 1992, she has worked on numerous award-winning films, documentaries, and TV drama series in both China and the U.S. She has received numerous honors for her work, including the Ohio University Distinguished Alumni Award.

Ke Ke
Well-known film director — KK is a graduate both of the Shanghai Theater Academy and New York Film Academy. His directorial credits include The Wandering Earth (the best-known Chinese science fiction film), Next Top Star, and My Time for Hong Kong.

7:30 – 9 pm Celebration of Chinese Culture

Presentation of Community Achievement Award to Diana Ding
Founder & CEO of Silicon Valley Innovation Channel DDTV

FILM: Angel’s Mirror Cheng Chao 00:14:00
Drama: A boy and his family have moved to a large factory complex. He comes up with a unique way of meeting the girl upstairs.


Han Dynasty Dance Elisa Zhang
A dancer for 8 of her 12 years, Miss Zhang has earned many awards at regional and national dance competitions, including first overall at Starbound for two consecutive years.

Qi Pao Show by Qi Vogue
Chinese Fashion show featuring a type of dress with distinctive features of Manchu origin.

Chinese Opera Getong McBride

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